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Post to Post Sport began life when Ron wanted to do a sports show on an online radio station in a university. Since then we were in a wilderness of sporadically uploading content until last year, when we launched our weekly domestic football show and our blog. Now we plan to take over the world whether anybody wants to pay attention to us while we do it.

Let us introduce to you those involved with Post to Post Sport.


Ron is the producer of Post to Post Sport, who occasionally has a MoHawk and fairly bushy sideburns. An avid Bray Wanderers and Charlton Athletic supporter, he manages to circumvent the glory hunter tag despite starting to go to Leinster rugby games the season they won the European Cup for the first time.

Ron invented Post to Post Sport and will not go 5 minutes without mentioning that he does a podcast. People tend to be mesmerized by the depth of his voice, and the fact that it is very out of proportion to his body. Ron’s voice was actually created after the big bang, and picks a new host every century, and was responsible for killing the dinosaurs.

Ron is passionate about combating stigma against mental health and organized our fundraising and awareness campaign with Mental Health charity Suicide or Survive. You can learn more about and donate to our fundraiser here.


Would have made it pro if it wasn’t for bad knees! I decided I’d rather settle into the world of randomly popping up on football podcasts without being invited. Supported Liverpool since I was born and for a brief time in 2006 Momo Sisokko was my favourite player. I like Messi and I liked Zidane. I just want Firmino to score more goals, he deserves more goals. Favourite football memory was watching Liverpool beat United 4-1 at old Trafford on my confirmation day and then failing to win the league. Once seen Titus Bramble score a goal live. Also seen Paul McShane make his Ireland debut live. Gini Wijnaldum is my favourite current midfielder. Messi’s goal against Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey final of 2015 was robbed in the Puskas award that year. Enjoyed the first leg of semi final of Barcelona vs Bayern Munich in 2015 immensely.

Nobody knows where Rodg came from, but he has been on the show since the very early days and has a nicer office than Ron for some reason

This is actually the 6th Rodg, as the previous 5 have become self-aware and were sent into space to colonize far away planets.

Our (Super) Friends

Here’s a list of our regulars on our podcasts and where you can find their work.

Emma Duffy

A United fan, her earliest football memories include the telly being rolled into the classroom to watch Ireland at the 2002 World Cup. Emma Duffy is an award winning journalist who currently writes for She is our number 1 for covering the Ireland Women’s National Team and plays football, and also writes about and plays GAA. Follow @emmaduffy_ on Twitter.

Steve O’Rourke

Former journalist with Still a sometime contributor. My sports journalism highlights include going all the way to Houston for the Super Bowl only for the WiFi to fail and not be able to report properly from the game. Master at the football quiz where I am undefeated. @steveohrourke on twitter is the best bet to find my stuff. I grew up in a very sporting family, and most of my childhood memories involve a football of some kind. Despite both my parents being huge Liverpool fans, I started to support Man United just to troll them, two years before United won their first Premiership (as it was then) and some 20 years before trolling became a thing. I’m currently on my way to becoming a Shamrock Rovers fan through my 6yo son who is a massive fan of the Hoops. I’m very jealous he has a League of Ireland team to support. Growing up in Kildare in the 80s offered no such outlet.

Niall Newberry

Niall is a soccer journalist with the Dundalk Democrat newspaper. He also freelances for and has been known to occasionally show his mug on Eir Sport as well. He attributes his current status entirely to the experience he gained whilst contributing to – a website that he encourages every aspiring soccer journalist to get in touch with. His other passion is youth work and he’s been actively working with young people in the Co. Louth region for the past number of years. Follow @niallnewberry on Twitter.

Football Irlandais

My name is Sebastien, I am originally from Lyon in France, I have been living in Ireland for many years. Football in Ireland, especially the League Of Ireland, is the football I truly love : Live football every weekend, real fans, support of your local team, good craic and the players are approachable. I have created the twitter account @footballirlande – This is the only twitter account in French language about football in Ireland. There is everything french speakers needs to know, the League Of Ireland, the boys in Green, all the transfers, anecdotes, Irish players abroad, statistics. I also write articles and interviews (in french) about football in Ireland on the website. You can see Sebastien’s work here.

Forgotten Clubs Phil

Phil runs his own blog called Forgotten Clubs. It started as a look at teams no longer in the League of Ireland, and now covers football globally. He had never seen a club he supports win the league, Liverpool and Napoli both winning the leagues before his time, until 2020 when Liverpool won the Premier League. Phil is a frequent guest on our weekly domestic football podcast Get Your Bleak On. You can read all the stories here. Follow @forgottenclubs on Twitter.

The WNL Show

The WNL Show delivers comprehensive coverage of the Women’s National League. They join us regularly to provide in-depth analysis on the latest news in Irish women’s domestic football. @thewnlshow on Twitter. Like the WNL Show on Facebook. Follow Them On Instagram @TheWNLShow on Instagram.

James Rogers

Freelance journalist primarily covering Dundalk FC for local newspaper The Argus as well as national publications including RTÉ, The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Star, Irish Examiner and Irish Daily Mail. James also uploads published content to his personal site Follow @jamesdundalk on Twitter.


The VoiceOvers for our jingles were provided by Kayte O’Malley, Brian McEvoy, and Rory Williams of iRadio. Visit


You can get our podcasts on most platforms including Spotify, Podbean, Player FM, Pocket Casts, and more by searching Post to Post Sport.

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