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Our Final Domestic Football Podcast of the decade

2019 comes to a close, as does the 2010’s.

Hopefully everybody is surviving the football period, and you can fill out your Post to Post Sport Irish Festive Bingo card later.

As usual our Domestic Football Podcast Get Your Bleak On went up shortly after midnight. Aside from a few weeks of technical difficulties we’ve brought you domestic football coverage on Thursdays since February, and will continue to do so during 2020. You can get our podcasts on Spotify (below), Podbean (here), or Player FM (Search Post to Post Sport).

This weeks Get Your Bleak On on Spotify

We Spoke to a Post to Post Sport favorite we hadn’t heard from in a while, Niall Newberry now of the Dundalk Democrat. He had plenty to say on the FAI mess and the LOI football over the past year. We then had a selection box of interviews; including a passionate Shamrock Rovers fan, a Cork Women’s coach, and Bray Wanderers newest signing.

Looking ahead to the New Year, and the new decade, I have a few hopes. I hope for a football association that cares about domestic football, Women’s and Men’s, and want to see the game grow. We should have professional leagues in this country, and this is the decade to do it. Teams should be financed for joining the league, rather than expected to pay huge fees. I want to see the Premier Division expanded, and a pyramid put in place.

As for next season, I want to see a tighter Premier Division title race between Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers, with the likes of Bohs, Derry, and St. Pats making the race exciting early on. I hope for another competitive season of the First Division (get ready for more Bray Wanderers bias in the upcoming season). And I hope the Women’s National League gets more attention, and Peamount can get past the Champions League Qualifier Rounds. It’ll be an up hill battle for the Men’s side to qualify for Euro 2020, while the Women’s side are a good bet to qualify for Euro 2021.

Happy New Year to all, and thanks for listening to our podcasts over the past year. Enjoy the football.

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Ballon p’Or: The alternative Ballon D’or. 10 – 1

We’re into the Top 10 of our alternative Ballon d’Or list, the Ballon p’Or. There was a lot of arguing, mostly Ron shouting at Rodg that he is the big cheese. Here’s our top ten players for 2019.

For our 30 – 21 Click Here

For Our 20 – 11 Click Here

10. Megan Smyth-Lynch (Ireland/Peamount United)

Our Women’s National League Player of the Season. Prolific in front of goal but more importantly the most prolific current Irish player in terms of appearances on our show.

Listen back to when she joined us on the show at the 20 minute mark of this episode:


9. Gary Rogers (Ireland/Dundalk)

After this seasons exploits he’s now made the most appearances of any League of Ireland player in European games.

8. N’Golo Kante (France/Chelsea)

Should be in the top 10 every year and in every team of the decade for the 10’s. Covers every blade of grass.

7. Jack Byrne (Ireland/Shamrock Rovers)

A revelation at Shamrock Rovers and Ireland’s new creative dynamo in midfield.

6. Robbie Benson (Ireland/Dundalk [Now at St. Patrick’s Athletic])

Great addition to St. Pat’s and by all accounts a very nice man.

5. Matt Doherty (Ireland/Wolves)

Best fullback in the Premier League.

4. Amber Barrett (Ireland/1.FC Köln)

Joined a pro team this year, key player for Ireland going forward.

3. Josh Cullen (Ireland/West Ham [on loan at Charlton Athletic])

Put in the ball that lead to Charlton Athletic’s winning goal in the League 1 Play-Off final, Ron was always putting him on the list.

2. Rianna Jarrett (Ireland/Wexford Youths)

Has scored roughly 6 million goals this year, probably scored a few more while you were reading this.

1. Shane Duffy (Ireland/Brighton & Hove Albion)

The Greatest brick wall of all time.

Let us know about your unsung football heroes of the year.

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