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LockDown Football Week 3

We’re into week 3 of our LockDown Football series. Here’s what we looked at.

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Episode 15

Who was the best Premier League manager since the turn of the century? Ferguson? Wenger? Mourinho? And who are some underrated managers?

Episode 16

We are joined by Sebastien of @Footballirlande joins us to look at how four more teams will be impacted by the Euros being postponed.

Episode 17

A look back at the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Episode 18

We hold a Premier League draft. We can only pick 1 player from each of the traditional big 6, and a player in each position has to be Irish or have played for Charlton.

Episode 19

A look at how transfer values have fallen, and who is top.

Episode 20

Sebastien of @Footballirlande joins us to look at the Play-Off paths to the Euros.

Episode 21

We discuss who the best football country is to never win a World Cup or Continental Competition.