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League of Ireland Opening Round Live Blog

The League of Ireland finally kicks off tonight. We’ll be live blogging the opening round. Here’s tonights fixtures:

Premier Division

Shelbourne vs St Patrick’s Athletic

Dundalk vs Derry City

Shamrock Rovers vs UCD

First Division

Athlone Town vs Waterford

Bray Wanderers vs Cork City

Wexford vs Treaty United

Remember you can stream LOI games on LOITV.ie.

Shamrock Rovers go into the season as heavy favorites to lift the Premier Division title for a 3rd consecutive year. Waterford are highly fancied in the First Division.

The 19:45 games have kicked off. Shamrock Rovers vs UCD is a 20:00 kick-off.

Shels have the ball in the net!… but it’s offside. Nearly a dream start for Damien Duffs Shelbourne thanks to Dan Carr. Still 0-0.

Shels causing St Pats all kinds of problems so far. The visitors look nervy at the back. Still 0-0.

Great cause at the game between Dundalk and Derry City. Both sides warmed-up in shirts raising awareness about domestic abuse.

Shamrock Rovers vs UCD has kicked off. All games that weren’t called off underway now.

GOAL WATERFORD : Cian Kavanagh scores the first goal of the league season. Bullet header

GOAL TREATY UNITED : Callum McNamara heads home a cross. Wexford 0-1 Treaty

GOAL ST PATS : Darragh Burns scores a stunning goal, worthy of being the first of the Premier Division this season. Shels 0-1 St Pats

GOAL WATERFORD : Phoenix Patterson knocks in a rebound to put 2 in front. Athlone 0-2 Waterford.

Busy few minutes. 23 minutes gone in the 19:45 kick-offs.

Not the first good goal St Pats have scored in recent memory. This one from the cup final wasn’t bad…


Here’s that Darragh Burns goal:

GOAL DUNDALK: Steven Bradley (not that one), scores Dundalk’s first of the season. Dundalk 1-0 Derry.

GOAL CORK : Dylan McGlade scores against his own club. Bray 0-1 Cork.

GOAL TREATY : Joel Coustrain scores, Wexford 0-2 Treaty.

GOAL WATERFORD : Favourites for the first division well in control, Junior Ouitima scores. Athlone 0-3 Waterford.

GOAL DERRY : Joe Thomson equalizes at the back post. Dundalk 1-1 Derry.

GOAL WEXFORD : Conor Davis pulls one back straight from a corner. Wexford 1-2 Treaty.

HALF-TIME Dundalk 1-1 Derry City

HALF-TIME Wexford 1-2 Treaty

HALF-TIME Athlone 0-3 Waterford

HALF-TIME Shels 0-1 St Pats

Shels started the much brighter but the game completely swung on a fantastic goal from Darragh Burns.

HALF-TIME Bray 0-1 Cork

GOAL SHAMROCK ROVERS : The Deadlock is broken in the late kick-off, it’s Sean Hoare with the goal.

GOAL SHAMROCK ROVERS : A second from the champions, this time from Danny Mandriou. Shamrock Rovers 2-0 UCD.

Second-halves kicking off.

GOAL TREATY : Enda Curran scores a penalty. Wexford 1-3 Treaty.

GOAL WATERFORD : Waterford running away with it as Junior Oitima gets his 2nd. Athlone 1-4 Waterford

GOAL TREATY : Enda Curran once again. Wexford 1-4 Treaty.

GOAL ST PATS : Mark Doyle intercepts a pass, drives towards goal, and fires home. Shels 0-2 St Pats.

Bray vs Cork is yet to get back underway. Reports of some crowd trouble at halftime.

Second half of Bray vs Cork has begun now, a delay of about 15 minutes.

GOAL TREATY : Joe Gorman heads home a free. Wexford 1-5 Treaty.

Crowd trouble in the stands and flares being thrown on the pitch cited as the reason for the delay in the Bray – Cork game.

GOAL DUNDALK : The 2018 champions come from behind to take the lead, Mark Connolly the scorer. Dundalk 2-1 Derry.

GOAL CORK : Barry Coffey isn’t disturbed by the disruption as he fires home. Bray 0-2 Cork.

GOAL CORK : Barry Coffey gets a 2nd. Bray 0-3 Cork.

GOAL CORK : Dylan McGlade gets his second. Bray 0-4 Cork.

GOAL DERRY : Jamie McGonigle equalizes. Dundalk 2-2 Derry.

GOAL CORK : Hatrick for Dylan McGlade as Cork run riot against his former side. Bray 0-5 Cork.

GOAL ATHLONE : Stephen Kenny (Not that one) scores. Athlone 1-4 Waterford.

GOAL WATERFORD : Louis Britton nods home a Phoenix Patterson cross. Athlone 1-5 Waterford.

GOAL ST PATS : Jay McClelland knocks home a cross from Mark Doyle. Shels 0-3 St Pats.

GOAL ATHLONE : Glen McAuley from the penalty spot. Athlone 2-5 Waterford.

GOAL CORK : Ruairi Keating gets a 6th for Cork. Bray 0-6 Cork.

FULL-TIME Dundalk 2-2 Derry

FULL-TIME Athlone 2-5 Waterford

FULL-TIME Wexford 1-5 Treaty

FULL-TIME Shelbourne 0-3 St Patrick’s Athletic

Just the two games still playing, Shamrock Rovers lead UCD 2-0, Cork are 0-6 up at Bray.

GOAL SHAMROCK ROVERS : A 3rd for the champions, scored by former Ireland international Graham Burke. Shamrock Rovers 3-0 UCD.

FULL-TIME Shamrock Rovers 3-0 UCD

FULL-TIME Bray 0-6 Cork