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Your Aul Lad To Spend The Day Telling People He Still Doesn’t Care About Women’s Football

Despite nobody asking his opinion, and not being forced to engage with the subject, your aul lad has planned to spend his day telling anybody who will listen that he still doesn’t care about women’s football.

Following the Ireland senior women’s team setting a record for the biggest win in a game by an Irish international side, your dad has made it his business to ensure everybody knows he isn’t particularly interested in the women’s game (which is the exact same game as the men’s version).

Speaking to a customer service worker he frequently bothers, your dad was quoted as saying “You know there’s science behind it, men are a better fit for kicking a ball because they have testosterone”, before commenting on the players were “alright looking”, which achieved nothing but making everyone around him uncomfortable.

Your dad is expected to continue his venture in informing all who have to listen that football is a man’s game. He will conclude by saying he could outplay any of the women’s side, despite the fact he cannot see or find his own genitals.

Ireland recorded a record 11-0 win over Georgia on Tuesday, with the FAI to launch an investigation.

Ronny’s Euro 2020 Blog: Day 5

Round 1 of group games comes to a close.

Hungary 0 – 3 Portugal

Hungary didn’t deserve that. They played well, taking the game to the reigning European champions. Rather than through everybody behind the ball they attempted to play positive football and got the ball in the net only for VAR to rule it out for offside.

Portugal in the end, as champions do, found a way through. 2 goals in the last 6 minutes, and a late sensational finish by Ronaldo sealed the win. They possibly suffered from having Fernandes, Silva, and Jota all trying to take up the same spaces. Andre Silva, more of an out and out striker, should start against Germany. Ronaldo stretched the game and despite not being spectacular got two goals. Portugal will find their way through.

Hungary will know a win may not even be enough for them in their remaining 2 group games as goal difference will likely be a factor in ranking the 3rd place teams. There were positives, but they look set to crash out.

France 1 – 0 Germany

France had most of the ball and Germany were rather lackluster. Hummels turned the ball into his own net, but the World Champions couldn’t build on that goal. That may be a problem for France, for all their talent they don’t blow away teams.

Germany created, but seemed somewhat like a team of individuals. They had the odd chance but Kroos and Gundogan weren’t allowed into the game at all. Germany could end up exiting the tournament at this stage based on this performance.

That’s the first round of group games done. Italy and Belgium were the two most impressive sides so far in this early stage.