Charity Fundraiser

Throughout the season we will be raising money for Ireland’s National Autism Charity As I Am Ireland




As I Am Ireland work hard to represent autistic people and combat the stigma around autism. They aim to inform non-autistic people about what autism actually is, and to help autistic people in employment, education, and elsewhere.

We will be running the fundraiser from March 28th to November 27th. We will be carrying out different challenges throughout the year. Keep an eye on this page for updates. Funds are donated through iDonate with proceeds going to As I Am Ireland every month.

A word on Autism

Our producer Ron is autistic and has been passionate about encouraging acceptance of autism since he was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. Here’s what he had to say about autism acceptance:

We Don’t Need To Be Ashamed Of Being Autistic

There’s a joke about autism I made up.  I mean, I don’t get why it’s funny because I’m autistic.  I’m not even sure if it’s a joke or not.  But people laugh when I tell it, so I guess there’s something funny there.

That ladies and gentlemen, was a joke about autism made by an autistic person (me).  There’s this misconception that autistic people for one thing, are all the same, and for another just don’t understand anything ‘normal’. 

Autism is a spectrum.  Spectrum’s, by their very nature, include everybody to some degree.  Everybody has some trait that may be related to autism.  There are different severities of different traits, there are different context’s where it may be more apparent that somebody is autistic.  But there’s a little bit of everything in all of us. 

By definition of a spectrum, everybody is on every spectrum.  Granted that is exactly the kind of thing an autistic person would say so perhaps your level of understanding of that sentence is a diagnosis tool of sorts.  Autism Spectrum Disorder, which I was diagnosed with sometime ago, just mean we are more noticeably autistic and in a more prominent place on the autism spectrum. 

Disorder is an ugly word that deserves an asterisk and an explanation.  Autism is a contextual disorder.  If the world was built for autistic people with the majority of it’s inhabitants autistic, those non-autistic people (who can often be identified by easily making eye-contact and not reciting every detail of Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, when asked how their weekend was), would struggle greatly.  Social conventions, the layout of streets, dynamics of interactions, everything would change.  And that’s the thing about autism, it’s not a disorder, it’s a difference. 

People without autism (notistics?) often get uncomfortable about certain things in autism, but that’s down to a lack of education on the subject.  And that lack of education comes from a lack of communication with autistic people.  There’s a lack of willingness to let autistic people take the lead in these conversations.  Instead of telling those of us with autism how we feel and what we should do, why not ask us how we feel and what we are thinking? Why not include us in these discussions instead of forcing the world as it is on top of us. 

I’m sure some will be quick to bring up the most severe cases of neurodevelopmental disorders there are and use them as an example for how nobody with autism should get a say in their life.  That happens with marginalized communities.  There are severe forms of all developmental, physical, and mental conditions.  But the question shouldn’t be how to keep these people quiet, it should be how to help these people.  Often times the knee-jerk reaction is to shut people away rather than to try including them in the solving of a problem. 

People will also bring up kids with autism.  How kids with autism don’t understand how the world works and how they can’t be trusted to control their own lives.  Why is that label being ascribed specifically to autistic kids?  No kids understand everything in the world and no kid should have to raise themselves.  Again, it’s an issue of helping people, not shutting them away. 

Autistic people don’t need anybody else’s permission to be alive.  Just like how Black people don’t need permission from white people to be in this world, homosexuals don’t need permission from heterosexuals to be in this world, Travellers don’t need permission from settled people to be in this world, women don’t need men’s permission to be in this world, transgender people don’t need the permission of cisgender people to be in this world.  Being different, in of itself is not a crime. 

If you are autistic, never be ashamed of that.  Embrace that and be the best version of yourself.  Some good ways of creating a positive mindset for yourself:

  • Create a constructive routine which is consistent but still flexible
  • When you wake up list 5 things you like about yourself, whatever they are (this may well turn into a never-ending list because, you know, autism)
  • Make time for your passions
  • Understand that not everybody will be willing to learn, and that that is their problem, not yours
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody is perfect

As for those of you who aren’t autistic but have a friend, family member, co-worker, classmate, or somebody else in your life who is, don’t burden them with expectation.  Let real autistic people be your textbook.  There are traits that many autistic people have and traits that many don’t, avoid making assumptions and ask questions.  Open your mind.  And understand autism is not something to be ashamed of or afraid of.  We are people too.  Don’t mind those who use autistic as an insult, that’s their lack of understanding, and that’s their problem.  The greatest weakness there is out there is thinking you know everything and have nothing else to learn.  Those people will never be fulfilled.  As for us autistic people, let’s be the best version of ourselves and embrace what makes us different.  Educate those willing to learn about autism.  The world is big enough for us all. 


Fundraising Blog

Follow our fundraising efforts here!

15th August

Challenge complete!

This was a big one.

Feeling the burn now!

Please give anything you can.

14th August
August 13th

Next Physical challenge:

  • 500 Squats
  • 25kg Sandbag
  • All in one set

This will be a battle!

August 12th

Headshave number 3 done!

August 11th

Tomorrow we will be doing our 3rd headshave.

Those greys on Ron’s head will be gotten rid of, and the Wolverine sideburns will be sheared.

It’s all for an important cause.


August 3rd

Physical Challenge 3 Complete!

Feeling every single one of those 800 squats over 4 days. Difficult challenge to do and the burn is definitely there.

All for a really important charity. Please give anything you can.


August 2nd

Day 3 complete

Felt every bit of those 200 today

One more day to go

August 1st

Physical Challenge 3

Day 2 complete

All for a vital cause. 2 more days to go.

July 31st

New Physical challenge

  • 200 Squats
  • 25kg Sandbag
  • All in one set
  • 4 Days in a row

Please give what you can on our iDonate page. Every single donation goes a long way.


July 15th

Finished our second headshave. With the heatwave going around it’s no harm losing the bit of insulation at the top of your head.

Ron went to the barbers (not coordinated enough to do it himself) and got a blade-0 all around. He doesn’t just sweat when there’s a physical challenge so a quick run under the cold-tap was needed to get rid of the bits of hair sticking to his stubble.

It’s all to raise money for a really good cause, AS I AM, Ireland’s national autism charity.

Please consider giving what you can on our iDonate page. Every single donation goes a long way.


July 12th

Our second head shave will take place on Friday 15th.

Not a moment too soon either because Ron is going grey as you can see.

Please give what you can on our iDonate page.


July 10th

Our next fundraiser challenge is another head shave (it grows really fast!). Please give what you can.


July 9th

Our second physical challenge complete! A difficult task for a very good cause. Please give what you can!


July 8th

Completed the penultimate day of our second physical challenge.


July 7th

Day 3 of our second physical challenge is complete.


July 6th

Day 2 Complete. Please give what you can on our iDonate page.

July 5th


Little Man Big Sandbag Challenge Part 2: This Time It’s Personal.

  • 150 Squats
  • While Carrying a 25kg Sandbag
  • All in one go, no breaks
  • Every day for 5 days

Day 1 Complete. You can contribute on our idonate page here.

June 3rd

We did the head shave for charity. The MoHawk and Sideburns are gone. Please consider contributing on our idonate page here.

June 2nd

We’re going to do our head shave tomorrow. Every donation helps so please consider chipping in with what you can. Donate on our idonate page here.

May 16th

Why we are doing this. To contribute to our fundraiser CLICK HERE.

May 8th

Challenge complete!

  • 100 Squats
  • While carrying a 25kg Sandbag
  • All in one go, no breaks
  • Every day for a week

It was difficult to make it the full week, feeling the burn today. Did a few lunges at the end for a victory lap. Autistic people carry the burden of facing up to stigma every day, and As I Am greatly helps educate others about autism, and helps autistic people adapt to a world not built for autism. It’s a very worthy cause, please donate what you can.

To contribute to our iDonate page CLICK HERE.

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May 5th

Day 4 complete. Over the halfway point. This was the toughest day so far. Mentally I wasn’t up for it before starting. As anybody who struggles with their mental health knows the days you don’t want to do something constructive are the days you really need to. Once I started I powered through. Just like how some days it is more of a struggle to face the stigma around autism, this was difficult but still worth doing.

To contribute to our iDonate page CLICK HERE.

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May 4th


300 down, 400 to go. The challenge again is 100 squats in one go while carrying a 25kg sandbag, every day for a week.

Psychologically it gets difficult around 30 with a lot still to go. Physically you really start to feel it in the 70’s.

Thanks to everybody who has donated so far. We really appreciate every donation. Donations of any amount go a long long way. The money raised goes directly to As I Am every month.

To contribute to our iDonate page CLICK HERE.

Follow @PostToPostSport on Instagram for updates

May 3rd


Two out of seven days down for our challenge to do 100 squats with a 25kg sandbag every day for a week. Gotta do them all in one go too, no breaks. Start to really feel it about 75 in.

We’re doing it for the great cause of As I Am Ireland. Every little donation helps so please consider donating what you can.

Follow @PostToPostSport on Instagram.


May 2nd

New fundraiser challenge starts today. We call it little man big sandbag. Ron will do 100 squats with a sandbag that weighs 1/3 of his weight for a week. Day 1 is today! We’ll have video proof up that the 100 squats were done. Follow @PostToPostSport on Instagram.



Here’s the video of Day 1 of our challenge.

April 22th

We’ve passed the 100 mark! Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the fundraiser so far. As I Am is such an important resource in Ireland to help educate the wider public on neurodivergence and help autistic people adapt to employment, education, and general life.

When we get to €1000 Ron will dye his MoHawk green. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

CLICK HERE to donate

April 15th

We’ve almost reached the 100 mark. Thanks to everybody who has donated so far. We’ve decided that when we get to €1000 our producer will dye his hair green (green for Go! as in go ahead and accept autistic people). We’re going to continue fundraising until late November. Get in touch with us on Instagram or Twitter if you have ideas fundraising ideas for us or want to help out.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated for this wonderful charity that helps autistic people throughout life and helps educate people about autism.

CLICK HERE to donate

April 3rd

With all the good intentions of fundraising we made our way to the UCD Bowl, unfortunately however a defective sprinkler meant the game would be called off. DLR Waves ended up having a small-sided training match while we pondered whether or not we should leave on the mask.

We’ll be back supporting or favourite Irish Football team at their next home game in a few weeks. We’ll rearrange our effort to do the bear face challenge at some point.

Our upcoming challenges include a MoHawk dyeing challenge, and a little while later a head shave (when the dye has worn off). So far we’ve raised €60, thanks to everybody who has donate. Every little bit helps a great deal.

March 28th

As our regular fans will know, at Post to Post Sport we love DLR Waves. Anybody who followed our fundraiser last year will know that we did all our media at the last home game of the season in a Hallowe’en mask. We plan on doing this multiple more times this season, including this coming game on Saturday at the UCD Bowl. DLR Waves play Athlone Town, and at the game Ron will be consumed by his alter-ego Bear Face.


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