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First Division 22 Predictions

The wacky races kicks off tomorrow evening, here’s our predictions.


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1. Waterford: Kept the bulk of last season’s squad who shouldn’t have gone down.

2. Cork: Recruited well, think the experience the younger lads have got will stand to them.

3. Galway: Lost a few bodies, were disappointing in the playoffs

4. Bray: Assembled a massive squad with some good players there.

5. Wexford: Ian Ryan was beginning to turn the tide last season and they seem to have invested well in their squad.

6. Longford: Maybe a bit low here but think they might struggle with the comedown from the Premier

7. Treaty United: Surprised a lot of people last season after coming in with zero expectations. Could well prove me wrong here but think the teams around them have seriously strengthened.

8. Cobh Ramblers: Not so much a reflection on Cobh but on the players recruited by the teams around them. 

9. Athlone: Lost their main players, brought in unknowns from beyond the LOI.


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1. Waterford: Very little doubt about it, Waterford are going back up.

2. Cork City: Last season was a write-off, this year they mean business.

3. Longford Town: Will challenge but can’t see them winning the title.

4. Wexford: Ian Ryan has made significant improvements in the South East, no longer in the league so someone can beat them.

5. Galway: Have had the sleeping giant tag for a while now.

6. Treaty United: Will be very difficult to match last season.

7. Bray: Very big squad which may work as a hindrance if the starting XI isn’t settled, largely ex-Cabo player

8. Cobh Ramblers: Don’t appear to be capable of mounting a promotion challenge.

9. Athlone: Expected them to do well last season, will likely fall away this time around.

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