Fan Survey Indicates Next Time Liverpool Should Buy Man United Dinner First


Is chivalry dead? That’s a question that’s been pondered by many a lad and lassie over the past few decades. However a recent survey of Premier League Fans (The Premier League is the English version of the League of Ireland Premier Division) suggests that if Liverpool are to call around to Man United’s Gaff again and do what they did then they should really buy them dinner first.

“A takeaway would have been grand like, I always think flowers are a nice touch” remarked one fan who was questioned.

Another supporter replied with “You know I just feel it’s a bit of politeness to at least take the starting 11 out for coffee first, have a chat, and then get down to business back at theirs” going on to say “little gestures show it’s not just about riding the absolute hole off your rivals”.

The FA will launch an investigation into why Manchester United played the majority of the match with their catering staff seemingly.


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