IRish Football History Shorts: Dunphy on Rod Liddle

Roy Keane and Bill OHerlihy are two Irish football heroes that will go down in Irish sporting lore despite being involved in football in different way. They both had key roles in glory days of Irish football. Roy Keane marshaled the midfield for the boys in Green (as well as a Manchester United side who used to have more than 2 and a half good players.). At the same time Bill marshaled an unruly panel of John Giles, Liam Brady, and Eamon Dunphy. Pointing a pen wouldn’t always be enough to sort these lads out, so on most occasions Bill had to take the high road and agree to leave it there (so).

On one occasion Bill gave Roy his greatest ever achievement, one that would overshadow his performance against Juventus in the 1999 Champions League semi-final. Bill dedicated 13 minutes of his time to allowing the panel to discuss Roy. Roy had had a falling out with United manager Alex Ferguson (who as we discussed before is United’s 2nd best coach after this man). Bill attempted to bring up an outside source while arguing Roy Keane had made out of order comments about a fellow player. Eamon Dunphy was quick to jump in and dispute these claims. Comedian Michael Fry sums the civil discussion up in a musical masterclass here:

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The most important part of the video occurs late on, which you can see here:

The lead may have been buried somewhat buried within 13+ minutes of perfectly respectful discourse. We’ve put together a diagram to explain Rod Liddle’s actions.

As you can see, Rod Liddle is a guy who left his wife for a young one.

Other claims included Patrick Vieira (who played for a side that Dundalk faced in the Europa Champions League Winners Cup) fannied over his new contract. If the demand is there we will provide a diagram in our soon to be launched only fans account.

We may never see the likes of Roy Keane play for Ireland or Bill leading an Irish football panel including the likes of Giles, Brady, and Dunphy again. Come back next time for more Irish football history.

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