Hard Lads Disrespecting Women’s Football IS Not Breaking News

The word ‘banter’ gets thrown around a lot when it comes to men making sexist remarks against women. “It’s just banter”. “Girls can’t take banter”. “Relax, it’s not misogyny it’s banter”. Usually it’s stuff like that from lads who don’t respect women’s sport, or women at all.

Naturally sometimes the word banter has to be shortened to bantz because these lads are busy. They’ve got a lot going on. Mostly furiously typing disrespectful comments, and then rereading those comments while doing something with their other hand out of self-appreciation.

We saw a lot of this during the finals of the Women’s National League u17 season. Great talent was on display and we were fortunate that the football was being streamed live for free. And yet, for some reason the players, and those of us watching, had to sit through waves of disgusting comments.

For one thing, this was the u17 final. These girls were aged between 15-17. It goes to show how overly sexualized women are when even children playing a game of football, just football and with nothing sexual, are subject to sexually charged comments. Why do a lot of men do this? Why do they sexualize everything women do?

It’s both an insecurity and a learned behavior we constantly justify to ourselves. As men we are thought growing up that women are there to be won and fought over. We are taught if we are attracted to a woman that’s all that’s necessary, and we can hound them until they are ours. Ignoring the fact that they themselves are people with their own life. We are taught that if we see a woman we should comment on their appearance, because that is their most important quality. As men, we are taught women are there to be side characters and trophies in our lives.

It’s also an insecurity. Men are told to be big manly protectors of the fairer sex. So when they see women doing something well, particularly something they can’t, it leads to jealousy and getting defensive, and feeling like they have to put down those who are actually doing something with themselves. And yes of course men have pressures too. But that doesn’t justify sexism. Nothing does.

It’s learned so it can be unlearned. Men are taught to disrespect women, so men can be taught to respect women. Equally, giving women’s football the same respect as men’s football can be learned.

For those who don’t believe that women’s football doesn’t deserve respect, go to a game and actually watch it. You will see that like men playing at the highest level, women playing at the highest level are far better at football than your average person.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a woman playing and she has a bottom, should I comment on it?

In 1764, German scientist Alfred Holestein discovered that not only do all humans, but in fact all mammals have a bottom. Furthermore, psychologist Cecil Plumbcheeks did research in this field and in 1877 found that all humans are very aware of the fact they they have an arse. And respected multiple sports therapists (including Oliver Anusalio, Henrietta Firmtuckus, and Ass McButtbum to name a few) have published papers which revealed the ampleness of ones cheeks has no impact on their ability to play football. Therefore, while it may sound like a good idea in your head, you don’t need to comment on the posterial section of the female body while watching football.

Shouldn’t women be at home cleaning or out finding a husband?

While I have no doubt anybody who thinks this shouldn’t be trusted with ironing and should certainly be supervised while washing a toilet, this doesn’t mean it is a women’s job. With adequate training and encouragement, even a man can do the dishes. Besides, everybody needs an outlet for both exercise and passion.

A women’s footballer has her DM’s open, is this an invite to send her a picture of my penis?

Although your phallic friend may occupy the majority of your thought process, the male human penis is not an attractive organ, and would be an unwelcome visitor to any inbox if unsolicited. Yes, even yours. Willie’s look like

This woman told me she is a lesbian, does that mean I just have to try harder?

Actually lesbians, first discovered in 1962, are quite uninterested in the less fairer sex and are content to have relations only with other women. While we here at Post to Post Sport have no earthly idea of the dynamics of such actions, we are reliable informed that it is great craic altogether and adding a langer would only sour an otherwise enjoyable activity.

Surely I have to say something about this woman’s appearance?

Despite what you may think, the aim of a female footballer is to win the game, not look attractive to the male gaze.

But how can a woman be as good at football as a man?

As anybody who has watched women’s football and knows something about football, rather than someone who just regurgitates what they hear on TV and only have virtual game time under their belt, the Women’s National League has produced outstanding talent over the last decade. The lads making these comments wouldn’t make it through a training session with a WNL side.

Remember men, while we are all the main characters of our own lives, we aren’t the main characters of everybody else’s.


A final Word on the 2020 WNL Season

For the final time this season we were joined by award winning journalist Emma Duffy of the42.ie. We had a look through the 2020 Women’s National League season. You can listen on Spotify below, or on PodBean clicking here. You can also get our podcasts on most platforms, including Apple, by searching Post to Post Sport. Click Latest Episodes above for our last 10 shows including the Box to Box, our European football show.

It was an unusual year all around. There were times we were worried the season may not go ahead at all. We are grateful to everybody who made the season possible and all those who gave up their time. We really appreciate the support our WNL podcast has gotten over the season with guests always willing to come on.

Final Standings

Table History

Peamount were deserved league and cup champions. The double winners lost just once in all competitions this season, and were only knocked out of the Champions League on penalties. Simply, they were irresistible.

Shelbourne ran the champions close, and were ultimately only 15 minutes away from winning the league. We would like to wish David Bell all the best as he moves on from the club.

Wexford Youths, Cork City, and Galway make up the rest of the top 5. Cork will be particularly happy as they continue to improve each year and had a cup final this season too. DLR Waves were unlucky to miss out, and have done fantastic work for the mental health charity Suicide or Survive.

The new sides Athlone Town, Treaty United, and Bohemians proved to be sustainable additions to the league. Bohs got to play in Dalymount Park, the first WNL game to take place there. All 3 sides impressed in their first season.

Thank you to the WNL Show for joining us on the show throughout the season and providing the entire Women’s National League fan base with stats, updates, and coverage throughout the season.

Thank you to all the coaches, players, and volunteers who have come on our show over the course of the season to provide input. Thank you to everybody who has listened and shared our podcasts and articles throughout the year.

We will return with regular Women’s National League podcasts next season. Until then, stay safe, and happy new year.