UCL GRoup H Halfway Report

Last years beaten finalists PSG are joined by last years semi-finalists Leipzig, as well as 3 time winners Man United and tournament debutantes İstanbul Başakşehir.

As it stands


PSG 1-2 Man Utd; Leipzig 2-0 Başakşehir

Başakşehir 0-2 PSG; Man Utd 5-0 Leipzig

Başakşehir 2-1 Man Utd; Leipzig 2-1 PSG

The story so far

It’s been a wild ride. Everybody has won a game. Man Utd looked to be on their way before losing to Başakşehir, the Turkish champions first ever UCL win and goals. Last years runners-up PSG have struggled, but this is still anybodies group.

Who can get through tonight

No team can qualify based on what happens tonight, and any side could find themselves in the top 2 at the end of the round. Tight.


Man Utd v Başakşehir; PSG v Leipzig

Başakşehir v Leipzig; Man Utd v PSG

PSG v Başakşehir; Leipzig v Man Utd


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