The Football Funny Pages: Wrong Game

Slightly later than usual, here’s our Football Funny Pages.

Wrong Game…

While most of us football fans were watching the Champions League final, over 11,000 people were watching the wrong Bayern Munich v PSG match.

That being said, they got more goals, so maybe they had the right idea.

Pub League

It seems we may never let go of John Sheridan calling the League of Ireland a Pub League, Sligo certainly didn’t after they beat Waterford.

Golf In Class

Finn Harps with some topical comedy.


Harps again. They have a plan to get people into the stadium amid Irish Lockdown.

Blow It Up Ref

One more Finn Harps related one. Ollie Horgan has high hopes but realistic expectations for his side.

You Made A Deal

As you can see LOI Twitter doesn’t take itself too seriously. Derry saw an opportunity to grow it’s fan base and took it.

Business Moves

… Ouch

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