NXT TakeOver: In Your House Live Blog

It’s time for another NXT TakeOver. This is the least excited I’ve been for an NXT event in a long time, both the build and the card is underwhelming to me. But I’ve rarely been let down by TakeOvers so maybe it will win me over.

Shotzi BlackHeart, Teegan Nox, Mia Yim v Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzales, & Candice LeRae

Shotzi drives to the ring in her tank as she usually does, no special TakeOver tank. Candice is wearing wings, but unfortunately is taking them off before the match starts.

Yim and Candice are supposed to start but Candice tags in Gonzales. The match starts with frequent tags before Shotzi comes in. First dive of the night is from Shotzi, I’m gonna keep a dive count in each match. We had 4 in quick succession there.

Haven’t seen much of Shotzi but based on social media reaction she’s very over. She has exciting offence. She had a submission locked in but Kai broke it up and Gonzales interfered. Looks like Shotzi is going to be the face that gets the beat down.

Eventually Yim tags in and faces Candice, Nox tags in and Yim and Candice brawl outside. Nox pins Kai with the Shiniest Wizard.

Winners: Shotzi BlackHeart, Teegan Nox, & Mia Yim

Decent match. Good showcase for the women’s division. I’m glad we are regularly getting two women’s matches on TakeOver cards now, and there’s a total of 9 women on the card this time around.

Looks like the end of the Nox – Kai feud for now. Shotzi BlackHeart & Teegan Nox would be a good tag team if they are looking at bringing the Women’s Tag Titles to NXT at some point.

Dives: 4

Finn Bálor – Damien Priest

Finn Bálor seems to be in an odd spot. He was clearly heading towards a feud with Walter when NXTUK TakeOver Dublin was going ahead, and likely will face him in October when it is looking likely to happen now.

Damien Priest has a huge upside. Great look, Great voice, Great promos. He can afford a loss here as long as he looks good during the match. He could be a huge star in the future. But Bálor is the present, and needs to keep winning until he faces Walter in Dublin.

Bálor goes straight after Priest before the bell rings Priest fires back and hits a sidewalk slam on the apron. Priest dominates most of the match but Bálor gets a bit of offence in. Priest is targeting the lower back of Bálor. Bálor rallies but Priest hits a chokeslam off the top rope for a two count. Priest tries to hit a Razors Edge on Bálor onto the steel steps, but Bálor counters and pushes Priest onto the stairs back first.

Priest rolls back into the ring, Bálor hits two Coupe de Grace’s for the win.

Winner: Finn Bálor

That’s Bálor’s 11th win at NXT TakeOvers, which is a record according to Mauro. Both looked great in that match.

Dives: I’ve already forgotten to count but there weren’t many I can recall

NXT North American Championship:

Keith Lee (c) v Johnny Gargano

Feel like Gargano needs the win here, but it depends what happens in the NXT World title match. Lee would be a great choice to take the World title off Cole. If Gargano losses his character kind of falls flat, whereas if Lee losses he can go on to bigger things.

Johnny put the car key in his trunks. That can’t be comfortable.

Lee dominates early but Gargano targets the injured eye and hand. Gargano targets the injured body parts throughout while Lee tries to over power him. Gargano hits a DDT on the outside. He tries to get Keith Lee up into the ring before he’s counted out. Gargano breaks the count and goes back outside. Keith Lee body checks Gargano through the plexiglass. Lee carries Gargano back to the ring. Candice LeRae comes out but Mia Yim stops her from interfering.

Gargano jams the car key into Lee’s eye (somehow the official didn’t see or hear it) and hits a DDT for a two count. Gargano hits a few superkicks, Lee counters. Lee hits a power bomb and the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

Winner: Keith Lee

Not sure where Gargano goes now, or if the feud continues. Does Gargano move to Raw or SmackDown? Possibly. I think it’d be shame if he didn’t get a run with the NXT Cruiserweight title at some point. It’s the one NXT title he hasn’t held. (That being said I never checked if he is 205 or under). Not sure if Raw or SmackDown would suit him really because I’m so used to him on NXT. It’s hard to see what he would do there. Maybe it would be best if he stayed in NXT and but a few people over before moving up.

As for Keith Lee, still think he should get a run with the NXT World title, but not sure who takes the North American title off him. Wonder if they would make him double champion.

Dives: 3

NXT World Championship:

BackLot Brawl:

Adam Cole (c) v the Velveteen Dream

No idea what to expect. My problem with the story is that Dream went after Strong to get to Cole, instead of just saying he wants the World title in the first place but finishing his business with Strong. And it doesn’t help that he just had a title match a few weeks ago.

The rules are anything goes, pinfall has to happen in the ring. They both enter in different cars. There are people in cars all around the ring. It’s kind of annoying that headlights are shining into the ring because the camera keeps jumping around and hitting them.

An Uber shows up and asks if somebody called them. Cole keeps trying to run away. He’s trying to get into different houses. Cole sprays Dream with a Fire Extinguisher.

The camera is jumping around and changing every few seconds and the lighting is weird. Cole and Dream are trying to put on a show and the commentators are trying to make it a big deal but it’s hard to get into this match.

Dream climbs a ladder and tries to hit Cole with the Elbow. The other members of the UE arrive. Cole jumps up the ladder but Dream pushes him off and he lands on a car windshield. The UE beat down Dream. They throw a bunch of chairs in the ring.

Dexter Lumis is under the ring and jumps out. He puts Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish in the boot of the car. Lumis drives off. I’m genuinely concerned for them.

Dream gets a two-count with an elbow. Cole hits a low blow and a panama sunrise onto a load of chairs for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

That was poorly produced but entertaining.

Who takes the belt off Cole? Seems like it’s either Keith Lee, Ciampa, or a Roderick Strong that turns face.

Karrion Kross v Tommaso Ciampa

Kross needs the win here. I said before I think Ciampa should lose and turn heel in a few weeks after losing his 3 biggest matches this year. Then he could go after either the North American Title or the World Title.

Kross dominates most of the match. Ciampa rallies towards the end but Kross conters and makes Ciampa pass out with the KrossJacket.

Winner: Karrion Kross

Match was what it needed to be. Karrion looks like he is going to get a mega push.

NXT Women’s Championship:

Charlotte Flair (c) v Io Shirai v Rhea Ripley

I have Charlotte burn-out.


Charlotte completely no-sold a RipTide off the top rope. She has the figure 8 locked in but Io covers Rhipley. I don’t know why it wasn’t a double pinfall cause Charlotte had a hold locked in but I guess that will be the reason Charlotte sticks around.

Winner: Io Shirai (New Champion)

Glad Io won the belt. Hopefully this is the end of Charlotte on every show.

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