Who Would Win The An InterPro Series If The Teams Were Made Up Of Their Mascot

Not to say we are starved of rugby content and really need stuff to write about, but here’s a question. Which of the 4 proud provinces mascot’s would win a series of interpros if you had a whole team of them? Vote below.

Eddie The Eagle (Connacht)


Has a clear advantage in that he can fly. Might struggly in the scrum against bigger opposition.

Leo The Lion (Leinster)


King of the jungle who knows how to use a drum. Has witnessed the most European Cup and League triumphs of any of his counter parts

Oscar (Munster)


Don’t let the smile fool you, he can go on a rampage. May suffer in terms of discipline for illegal use of the horns.

Sparky (Ulster)


A bit cuddly for a game of rugby, but has the heart.


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