The World Cup of Cartoon Pets

Many great cartoon pets have graced our screens over the past years. We’ve picked 16 of the best for our World Cup or cartoon pets.

There will be 4 groups of 4, with two pets going through from each group to the knockout round. The 4 winners of the knockout round go into the final. It’s our goal to crown the greatest cartoon pet of all time.

The Contestants

Gary (SpongeBob)


Species: Snail

Neutered: Can you neuter a snail?

Starting with a strong favorite here. Gary is Spongebobs loyal companion, and has shown great resistance by never trying to eat their house, which as we all know is a pineapple.

Santa’s Little Helper (The Simpsons)


Species: Greyhound

Neutered: No

A classic cartoon pet who suffers slightly from a decline in quality after a few glorious years. Known to be randy, having puppies on two occasions. Is the reason for the ‘See My Vest’ song.

Porkchop (Doug)


Species: Bull Terrier

Neutered: Unknown

This fella likes to jam at to his walkman (ah the 90’s) while chilling in his igloo (or tepee in the Disney version). For some reason his house has a mailbox.

Brian (Family Guy)


Species: Labrador

Neutered: Halfway according to a recent episode

May struggle due to being the most pretentious entry in the tournament. Has gone through dramatic changes since the early days when he was the voice of reason.

Snowball II (The Simpsons)


Species: Cat

Neutered: Never got up on Santa’s Little Helper so probably

The Simpsons’ second cat, who has since died and been replaced by several more cats, the latest of which was also called SnowBall II (the shark the Simpsons jumped will not be included in this list). solid if unspectacular pet, never set the world on fire, but never let it get set on fire.

Klaus (American Dad)


Species: Goldfish

Neutered: Less horny than in early seasons but unlikely

Has the distinction of being the only pet in this tournament who is actually a human in another animals body. Used to be an Olympic Ski Jumper.

Snoopy (Peanuts)


Species: Beagle

Neutered: No but able to contain himself

A veteran, it would be stunning if Snoopy could battle off the younger contenders and get the win. Known to sleep on top of his house, he is a loyal companion who would take a bullet for Charlie Brown.

Sylvester (Looney Tunes)


Species: Cat

Neutered: Unable to perform due to psychological trauma caused by Speedy Gonzales

The perennial runner-up, never seems to get the job done. Has died the most times of any Looney Tunes character.

Tweety Pie


Species: Yellow Canary

Neutered: Irrelevant, clearly still gets some on the reg

Tawt he Taw a Puddy Tat, and we’ll be damned if we’ll be the ones to tell him he didn’t Tee a Puddy Tat. Tweety goes into the tournament with the potential to light it up.

Garfield (Garfield)


Species: Cat

Neutered: Due to eating too much lasagna he can now only ejaculate cheesy sauce.

The tournament starting on a Monday may well be his downfall. Your typical premadonna, can perform when he wants to, but doesn’t always want to.

Blue (Blue’s Clues)


Species: Dog

Neutered: You may expect us to make some kind of Blue Balls joke but it turns out Blue is a female.

An honest to god legend. It was never explained why in the pilot she was an orange male cat, but we don’t see a problem with it. We can’t explain how much we would be willing to die for this dog. Rarely did we solve any of her clues.

Tom (Tom and Jerry)


Species: Cat

Neutered: Based on what Jerry has done probably

Can Tom do it without Jerry? Does Tom even have a purpose without Jerry?

Pluto (Disney, various)


Species: Bloodhound

Neutered: Loves Mickey far too much to be neutered

Another veteran, could well go all the way. One of the only main animals in the Disney world that isn’t anthropomorphic.

Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo)


Species: Greyhound

Neutered: Too spaced to perform

Will almost certainly be disqualified for testing positive for banned substances.

Muttley (The Wacky Races)


Species: dog, mixed

Neutered: No Data

Not a great team player, may work better alone. Known to be absolutely no help in catching a pigeon.

Stampy (The Simpsons)


Species: Elephant

Neutered: Trunk is constantly floppy so maybe… I don’t know how elephants work

A rogue, the wildcard of the tournament. Loves a peanut. May be a liability due to his aggression, but nobody can doubt his passion.


The vote for the Final is now live, scroll down.

Group Stage Results

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Knockout Round

Dues to some draws we’ve had to decide who goes through to the knockout round. Here are the knockout round matchups. Some juicy ties here, two all dog derbies and an old Looney Tunes rivalry renewed.

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The Final 4 have been chose, Vote below

Muttley is our Champion

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