A Moxley Win should be the end goal (But maybe not just yet)

We should all be thankful for Chris Jericho in All Elite Wrestling. He’s always been one of the most charismatic figures in wrestling over the last 3 decades, whether it was WCW, WWF/E, NJPW, or now AEW, but his recent run is special. Considering not even a year has past since Double or Nothing 2019, AEW’s first event, he’s put the company in the wrestling spotlight.

And yet, he hasn’t hogged the spotlight. WCW’s downfall was allowing stars with big ego’s to put themselves over at the risk of young talent. Jericho’s getting himself over while raising the profile of everybody in the ring with him. Look at his faction; Jake Hager hasn’t said a word and looks like a force, Santana and Ortiz look like one of the best tag teams in the company, and Sammy Guevara is a future star. But it’s not just them. Darby Allin, Scorpio Sky, Jungle Boy, and MJF have all benefited from sharing the ring with Le Champion. And he has helped Jon Moxley get over to a huge extent (granted Moxley was over the second he released his video package after leaving WWE). The title reign should end soon, but maybe not just yet.

There would be a sort of poetic justice if Jericho dropped the belt at Double or Nothing 2020, nearly a year after becoming number 1 contender. It’s been a year long arc of Jericho trying to prove he is the best of all time, and trying desperately to hold on to his status by surrounding himself with a faction. If he drops the title to Moxley at Revolution there’d be no complaints from this writer, but his reign has legs yet.

What Next?

If Jericho survives against Moxley via nefarious means, Jon could come out on Dynamite and demand a rematch, only to be interrupted by the likes of Pac, Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, MJF, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Pentagon Junior, Fenix, Darby Allin, Scorpio Sky… you see the point. A whole lot of people on the roster, despite not being ready just yet to win the big one, are in the discussion. Whoever makes the decisions on air in AEW (Jericho’s aunts friend from church Patricia Bobski?) could come out and announce a tournament. Suddenly we have a bunch of hot matches to keep Dynamite going. It’d be important to keep combinations like Omega/Pac separate for at least the early rounds as not to lead to burnout. There’d be 11 episodes of Dynamite until Double or Nothing, which leaves plenty of room for matches resulting in splinter feuds.

Cody can cost MJF, Hangman can officially turn on Kenny Omega, Fenix and Pentagon Junior can look like stars, Orange Cassidy can be entertaining, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus can continue to be incredibly over, everybody can look good. And most importantly, these matches mean something.

There are two options here. The obvious one is to make Moxley number one contender, have him beat Jericho in a death match with the likes of Darby Allin, Dustin Rhodes and the Young Bucks neutralizing the inner circle. Everybodies happy.

But what about…

Cody’s Older Brother

Remember last year after Cody v Dustin? Cody says he needs his older brother. Well what if Dustin Rhodes becomes number 1 contender and goads Jericho into the stipulation that if he wins the World title, which has eluded him his entire career, Cody can challenge for the title in future, reversing the stipulation from Full Gear. Jericho can be so cocky he accepts. Then we have an amazing match as both can put on, and Dustin Rhodes gets the validation he deserves.

Dustin doesn’t even need to hold the title for very long. We can drop it back to Jericho within two months and have Le Champion finally get his comeuppance from Moxley. The end goal should be Moxley, he should dethrone Jericho eventually. But there’s room for a fun story with a great feel good moment. And thing how entertaining it would be for Chris Jericho to go around referring to himself as Le Champion Deux. This Jericho title reign has legs, but so does a hungry Jon Moxley. And it would give AEW more time to build up other contenders before the ultimate Moxley v Omega rematch.

If Moxley wins the title at Revolution I’d have no complaints, but maybe it’s not time just yet to put an end to Jericho’s reign.

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