This Is Post To Post Sport

2015, October, 25th.

  • The Ireland men’s football team are facing a playoff against Bosnia and Herzegovina to qualify for Euro 2016.
  • The Ireland men’s rugby team has just been knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by Argentina, and it was an absolute battering.

And there’s an online radio station in Maynooth University crying out for a sports show. Legends are not born, they are made.

So when a sports so was needed…

a Legend was born….

I mean made, a legend was made.

We did our first Post to Post Sport show on a little online radio station in a Maynooth. Unfortunately with 5 minutes remaining in the show we were informed we were’nt actually on air at all… this was not a good station… this was not a good start.

After a year and a half on that station we went into the wilderness, and now, 4 years later, we have weekly football and rugby podcasts. We decided to make a blog to post articles to go along side our podcasts.

You can get all our podcasts on Spotify and MixCloud (PostToPostSport0 as well as Player FM & PodBean (Post To Post Sport).

Currently we produce a weekly show on Irish rugby and a weekly show on Irish football.

We hope you enjoy reading and listening to our content, as well as interacting with us.

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